Leaders and Daughters

To My Daughter

The world is your playground.

To my daughter, Abigail, as I reflect on what I want for you, I cant help but think about my journey thus far. My parents – your grandparents - came to the United States for school. While in school, they also worked multiple jobs to make ends meet financially for their family. Your grandfather worked three jobs – one doing janitorial work - while going to seminary to become a Pastor. Your grandmother worked two jobs – one at a fast food restaurant where she was once robbed at gun point while going to school to get her MBA.

They did all of this for their family – to give us, their children, a better life and access to opportunities. For this, I will always be grateful. My hope for you is that you will be better then me in all ways possible.

  • I want you to know that you have generations of family that have worked hard so that you can have a better life. Because of this, I want you to always give back. Give of your time and resources. Give to your community. Give to those that are less fortunate. Give to those coming after you. It’s not what you have that people will remember, its what you do with what you have that will drive impact. Live a life that will leave a positive legacy.

  • I want you to know that you were created on purpose, for purpose.

  • I want you to always work and do things with excellence

  • I want you to always raise your hand because you have so much inside of you that the world needs to see and hear.

  • I want you to be curious, take risks and always remember that the worst that anyone can ever say to you is “no”

  • And when you do get that “no”, know that one closed door means that there will be an open one later on. It may not make sense, just trust God and the process.

  • want you to know that the world is your playground. There is brilliance and opportunity found everywhere. Explore, learn, grow and make this world a better place.

Love you to the moon and back.



Leaders and Daughters is a social campaign by Egon Zehnder. More information on the campaign can be found here: https://leadersanddaughters.com/

Everyday Women, Doing Amazing Things!

Do you know a woman who is doing something amazing? Who inspires you? Give her a shout out and share the amazing work she’s doing through the Ajilla “Everyday Women, Doing Amazing Things” Campaign. 

Selected individuals will be featured on our social platform and we’re looking for a couple of stories to be shared in person at the Ajilla 2019 Conference!

There’s a lot of great work being done out there by women we know, let’s celebrate her! 

Nominate a woman that inspires you here: https://www.ajillafoundation.org/everyday-women-doing-amazing-things

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Personal Board of Directors

As you start thinking about 2019…

Get yourself a personal Board of Directors!

I heard about this personal Board of Directors Concept at a conference that I attended and I love it. Most of us already have a group of people that we run ideas by, this just makes it more official.

It’s mentorship multiplied. Instead of having only one person that you exchange ideas with, you have a group of people that will help take your career, business and/or ideas to the next level.

When you think about who you want as part of your Board of Directors (BOD’s), here are some things to consider:

·       Someone you work with

·       Someone who has more experience than you

·       Someone who thinks differently than you

·       Someone that will provide candid advice/perspective

·       Someone that has expertise that you don’t have

·       Someone that is authentic

·       Someone that you have good rapport with

·       Someone that has your best interest in mind

·       Someone that will help you stay balanced

Based on this list, your BOD’s can include co-workers, existing mentors, someone you look up to, family and friends.

One important thing to remember is that this is not a one way street. As you are asking for feedback and recommendations, make sure that you are also bringing value and perspectives to the table.

What are your thoughts? Would you consider a personal Board of Directors?